Sunday, March 29, 2020

What to do while social distancing

OK, I get it. I’m practicing social distancing, cleaning and sanitizing like it’s a religion. I don’t want to become infected and I sure don’t want to be a germ-taxi that gets others infected. You could call me a Coroniac. You too, I hope.

The personal, financial and other impacts of this pandemic is unnerving at the least. Social distancing is a necessary part of the solution and it has repercussions on all of us. 

In order to maintain my sanity, I have found that keeping myself busy with something that is necessary and worthwhile, whether it is home-schooling, fixing something that I’ve been putting off, working on a hobby, or something else.

Here are some ideas that might help you:
-Establish a daily routine. Your old one has been interrupted, and everyone needs one.

-Take time to breathe some fresh air.

-Clean, then disinfect what you’ve cleaned, whether it’s yourself or surfaces and Stay Well my friends. 

-Exercise any way you can, regularly.

-Update your resume to be ready for the recovery. Even if you are fortunate to still be employed there’s nothing like being ready to make a change in the future.

-If you’re a consultant, update your marketing materials or your dossier.

-If you’ve been job searching without success, get some help learning why and what you can do about it. Besides your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, consider things like your improving your search strategy, interviewing skills, salary negotiation and other skills.

-Learn how to enable your resume to pass safely through Applicant Tracking System software when you apply for jobs.

-Find out how to learn about jobs that are not listed anywhere; be ready when the tide turns.

-Learn good networking technique while social distancing.

-Help others. Think about what you can do for others without having to make close contact. 

I mention these things because I’m a resource for some of them if you need help. It’s what I do. Shout out to Karl (that’s me) at kl@hoochresumes, or just visit my website, 

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