Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Why doesn't the "Founder/Director of Some Title" approach on LinkedIn work?

Don't become the guy in this picture.

You know the drill. You've got a huge gap in your most recent employment and you need to fill it, so you post your most recent job as Founder/ Director of Whatever Title. Your dates of employment say you've been out of work many years.

These are the things you say you are doing in this job:
*Attending networking events
*Researching Industry Leaders
*Tracking Industry Trends
*Participating in Industry Discussions

Ok, that gives you a placeholder, but what else does it say to readers?

It screams "Avoid me. No one wants me. I've been overlooked for years. Something is wrong with me and everyone knows it."

Founder/Director of Some Title is not a job and it fails to take the place of real employment. Everyone knows that. It's a lot of words that futilely intend to mask reality.

In addition it tells the reader I've not been performing my primary skill for a long time. I may not be current with my trade.

So it's not a creative way of describing what has been going on in my life. I'm doing what many other unemployed people are doing, the same way they do it, using the same words they use, copying from a LinkedIn format because I have no idea what else to do.

When one becomes unemployed it's critical to figure out how to market oneself in a way that generates interest. If marketing services is not ones forte, it's critical to get professional help immediately. The "Founder/Director" approach is a red flag to readers. It's simply not good marketing. And the longer that image is portrayed, the less likely something good will come out of it.

Once a lot of time has passed it may actually be too late to turn things around. So if marketing services is not your forte it would be wise to get help from a professional as early as possible. Many people seek help while they are happily employed; It's smart to be prepared for things that are out of your control, even unexpected. There's simply too much competition to do otherwise.

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