Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Show me a consistently successful leader who is a pessimist.

Pessimism paralyzes. It paralyzes business. It impacts human interactions. It infects the workplace. It stymies finding solutions to problems. It kills interviews!

Nobody wants to be near a chronic pessimist. They're not fun to be with.

Optimism is the elixir that keeps things moving forward. Optimists are resourceful. They have positive attitudes. They are more likable, more fun to be with. People like to be near them. Optimists generate optimism in others. They motivate. Optimism fuels positive interviews!

Optimistic job seekers are much more likely to compete successfully and win the new job. Interviewers are sensitive to a candidate’s personality; they will be looking for optimists. Given two equally qualified candidates, the pessimist will be the loser! It follows that when business requires reduction in force, given two equal employees, the pessimist will be the first to be laid off.

Unfortunately, pessimistic job seekers do not always view themselves as being pessimistic. There are signs one can see in themselves. Do people tend to gravitate away from or toward me. Do they listen intently or dismissively. Do I usually smile or frown. If the signs of pessimism are there, it would be smart to consciously work on building an optimistic attitude.

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