Sunday, September 16, 2018

Is your job like stale bread?

Have you planned your escape?
One fact of life is this: Change is inevitable.
If you don’t like the way things are going, relax, it will change.
If you do like the way things are going, don't relax, it will change.
The Boy Scout's creed is savvy guidance for everyone. Be prepared.
Whether you are happily employed, passively searching or actively searching, resume preparation is like having catastrophe insurance. You don’t really want to pay for it but you can’t ignore the possibility you may need it.
Think about poor Joe. He'd been working for his company for 7 years, had good reviews, a good relationship with his boss, and suddenly one day was told the company had been sold and his job was eliminated. Many people who are about to lose their job have no idea it's coming.
For others there may be warning signs. Jasmine was a product manager with a good reputation. When her product reached end of life she was assigned to a new product where a product manager was already in place. She thought maybe she was to take over his role. But the relationship between she and her boss seemed to have changed. She was no longer included in certain meetings or discussions. And there were other signs of impending problems. Finally she got word she was being let go with no really rational explanation. Hey, it happens.
For years neither Joe nor Jasmine felt the need to have their resumes brought up to date. Neither was aware of ATS. Neither was aware of how contemporary resumes are written. Both of their resumes had been written in "old-school" fashion.
Joe worked hard on his resume. He felt it would be only weeks, maybe a couple of months, before he had a new job. Seven months later he came to me for help. Four months after that he got a new job but he had to take a small step down to land it. By then his severance had long since run out and he was in financial trouble. This forced him to accept the lower position.
Jasmine on the other hand got help immediately. We updated her resume, made sure it was compatible with ATS, and in seven weeks she was in a new job with strong potential for advancement.
Situations similar to these happen every day. Procrastination about becoming prepared extends job searches. Some situations are better, many are worse. The obvious message is "Be Prepared" regardless of your current situation.
Things will change. 
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