Sunday, November 24, 2013

Why you should avoid using resume templates.

Generally templates are not ATS-ready; they may not get parsed correctly … or at all. This could cause rejection or non-response. 

People who read resumes can spot a template a mile away. Generally speaking they don't like them for a variety of reasons. You wind up looking like everyone else rather than differentiating yourself from your competition.

It is true templates often include features that make them look very attractive. That’s probably why you would pick one. But that attractive format may be the very reason you don’t get some responses. It may also be the reason you get rejections. 

ATS parsing software does not care about beauty. It has no eyes; it can’t see. It can only the ‘read’ binary code that your resume is converted to when it gets saved on a hard drive. 

If a company does not use ATS software then using a template may not be a problem. But the question is how do you know for sure whether ATS is being used or not? That’s not a problem if you physically hand your pretty resume to a human; they can see. But if ATS is used in the hiring process you may run into a pile of trouble.

Some templates are free and that certainly is appealing; however you may just get what you paid for.

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