Friday, October 18, 2013

Life doesn’t get simpler – you need at least two resumes today!

Just when you thought you’d finished your resume, I came along and told you that you need a another one. 

That’s right! If you have crafted a document that you just know will wow a hiring manager, are you sure he or she will ever get to read it?

Maybe. But maybe not.

If it has to go through ATS parsing software first you may be doomed.

In fact, if the format doesn't follow certain 'rules' the parsing software may not be able to read it correctly, or in some cases may not be able to read it at all.

“But wait”, you tell me, “I’ve checked the job description and entered all the key words that I can satisfy into my resume.”

Well that's good. Key words are important. But unfortunately that’s not all there is to consider when it comes to parsing software. What may be beautiful to the human eye is not necessarily understandable to the computer, and keywords alone will not do it for you. 

If you do not understand what parsing software ‘sees’ you may have created a document it cannot read properly; it may see a lot of garbage it is incapable of interpreting! The computer may think you have just fed it a lot of last nights' dinner.

So you need at least two resumes; one you and I can see and another parsing software can ‘see’!

So if you suspect your resume (and your cover letter) will be scanned by ATS parsing software, you owe it to yourself to seek the help of a professional to optimize it.

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