Monday, September 23, 2013

What is the best way to put your best face forward?

When people view your LinkedIn profile, your picture influences their mindset considerably. You can appear likable or you can turn them off. That definitely influences what they read about you, at least subliminally.

So what are the turn-offs?
* No picture.
* No smile.
* No expression – the poker face.
* A frown.
* A group picture of you and anyone else.
* Picture is too dark to see you very well.
* You and your favorite pet, vehicle, etc.
* Picture of an inanimate object like a flower, a scene, etc., instead of you.
* A somewhat provocative picture.

What is the optimal picture?
A head shot from the shoulders up, with a big, happy, contagious smile, on a light background, with enough lightness in your face to clearly see your smile.

How do you accomplish that?
Take more pictures, either buy a picture editor or have someone edit it for you. Crop your headshot out of a larger picture, edit the fill light, highlights, shadows and color temperature as necessary.

If the reader gets a positive image of you in their mind, they begin liking you before they read anything about you. That is the equivalent is a smile and good eye contact when you go in for that face-to-face interview.

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