Monday, March 11, 2013

“Is it something I said?” Some reasons why people fail interviews:

It’s hard enough to get an interview in the first place. Why would you blow your chances by not getting prepared properly? The hiring process is really a disqualification process. To get the job you must do whatever is necessary to avoid disqualification. Be prepared!

Add your own comments to the list below.

These things are unacceptable:
You got there late and did not call ahead to explain the problem
You reeked of cigarette smoke, alcohol, bad breath or B.O.
You overpowered them with your perfume
You were not dressed appropriately

There’s no excuse for these things:
You forgot to bring the address and contact information in case you got lost
You didn’t bother to look up the location and directions on your computer
You made negative comments about a past or present employer
You used unbecoming language during the interview
You displayed irritation during the interview
You made no attempt to prepare for questions that might be asked
You thought you could ‘wing it’ and BS your way through the interview
You forgot to bring the name(s) of the person(s) you were to meet with
You did no research on the company ahead of time
Your resume was prepared by someone else and you hardly know what’s on it
You did not turn your cell phone to vibrate mode; in fact you looked at incoming texts or interrupted the interview to take a call

These things are understandable:
You were so nervous you could hardly remember your own name
They surprised you with the interview format
The airline lost your luggage