Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Want to know how to write an objective without saying “Objective”?

You’ve been told not to include an objective on your resume. This is because most people write mundane, boring, boiler plate, “me too” statements that add nothing that the hiring manager is looking for. In fact they are a huge turn-off! But there’s no reason why you can’t do it creatively and be responsive to a job requirement without saying the word “Objective”. 

Incorporate what you want to do into your well-written branding statement that provides the job you want with key words that are responsive to a specific job description.

Here's an example: Senior Sales Manager focused on turning around declining sales in the food and health product industries. This says what you are, what you do, even what industries you have experience in. Add a table of core competencies and you have defined your brand as well as your objective.

Another example: Sales and Marketing Manager focused on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive situations requiring growth and turnaround.  Diverse domestic and international experience. Tenacious commitment to driving revenue, profit, and market share by bridging the gap between strategy and execution excellence.  Highly principled relationship builder and team leader who empowers people to create cultures of success where team and individual accountability result in winning organizations.   Areas of excellence in:

§  Restructuring/Turnaround
§  Strategic/Tactical Planning
§  P&L Management
§  Sales/Marketing
§  Multi-Cultural Collaboration
§  Mergers and Acquisitions/Due Diligence
§  Business Transformation
§  Revenue and Profit Growth

Professional resume writers will tell you objectives are out, branding is in, and they’re right. Try being a little creative to get your message across.

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