Sunday, May 20, 2012

Things your resume writer may not know.

I learned a long time it takes all kinds of people to do specialized consulting. And it takes only a hammer and nail to ‘hang a shingle’ out on the web. You need to find a knowledgeable resume writer or you may suffer the consequences of the ‘black hole’.  Before you spend any money, ask your writer some key questions.

Ask them to describe what ATS parsing can do and cannot do.
Ask them to tell you how word processor programs can cause you to create problems for ATS parsing software.
See if they know how your resume is stored on a company server and how it is ‘read’ by parsing software.
Ask them if they’ve ever been a hiring manager and see if they really understand what motivates hiring managers.
Ask them what things in your resume hiring managers are focused on.
Ask them if they’ve ever been an external (third party) recruiter and if they understand search strategies and can teach you the nuances of each of the various search tactics.

Rest assured, Hooch Resumes can answer all of these important questions and more. If you were to sign up with Hooch Resumes I can give you help with the following: edit your resume to make it ATS-ready and provide you with detailed information that will enable you to keep it ATS-ready as you edit it in the future. I can show you how to create a comprehensive cover letter. And I can counsel you on your job search strategy and tactics (interviewing, salary negotiation, how to pick a recruiter and what you need to know about the recruiting industry, how to find and reach a hiring manager BEFORE you send your resume, how to make cold-calls and how to get past the gatekeepers, how to network properly and how to use job boards and company websites so they actually help you). Visit 

My background includes over 23 years as a hiring manager in technology driven industries plus more than a decade of full service external recruiting. I have been helping many hundreds of candidates with their resumes, cover letters and job search strategies and tactics for almost 14 years and I have followed and kept up with the technological changes that have occurred in hiring practices. I'm here to help. Contact me.

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