Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Please, don’t send your resume! … unless ...

Unless you meet the ‘must have’ requirements, and you have put the key word requirements you meet into your resume exactly as they are written in the ad, and you make sure your resume can be read by ATS software, and you make your resume easy to read quickly, and you tell what you have achieved in as measurable terms as possible, preferably quantified or qualified results, and you don’t try to fill in space with fluff.

If you want results from applying to positions follow the simple guidelines above.

Doing these things will dramatically improve your chances of getting a positive response. Ignoring them will result in people ignoring you!

Before you apply make sure your resume is 'right'. Make sure it has a good branding statement and core competencies section. These are two places to incorporate key words and phrases found in the job description. Learn how to protect your resume from falling into the 'black hole' of ATS. Refine the resume to pack the greatest punch in the fewest possible words. If you are too verbose, it won't get read. Most important, don't just tell what you did, tell what you accomplished. What were the results of your hard work?

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