Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On your resume, don’t just tell what you did. Tell me also what the outcome was! Why are results statements on resumes so important?

Think about the people you hope will hire you and what motivates them. Just as all people are different, so are hiring managers. But I’ll make a generalization about them. They are results oriented. If your resume only tells them what you did on each job, they are left with a question, “So what, lots of people do that! What did it accomplish?” If you demonstrate your results in your resume you will capture their attention. If you don’t, your competition will, and guess who loses!          

Most people only write about what they did. That’s a natural tendency. They want to remember everything of importance. And they totally forget about why they did it. There had to be a business reason. Managers don’t just ask people to do things to fill in their time on the job. They have objectives, goals and targets to meet. They need everyone on their staff to perform a function that helps achieve those needs, from the support staff through managers who work for them.

In writing resumes, differentiation is what it's all about. As a job seeker, think about how your work contributed to the success of the organization and write your resume in those terms. By doing so you will differentiate yourself from most other job seekers you are competing with! That's what you want, isn't it?

You think you don’t have a way to state results? Let’s look at some examples from real resumes from people who thought the same and how they were revised:

Original resume: Transcribed office visits and letters for two family practice providers and two OB/GYN providers on a daily basis.

Revised: Provided 24 hour transcription turnaround on office visits and letters for two family practice and two OB/GYN providers on a daily basis.

Original: -Scheduling including company and CEO calendar
-Coordination of all aspects of travel arrangements
-Meeting coordination, including interfacing with hotel event/catering staff

Revised: Assured the CEO achieved all of his daily obligations in a timely and cost effective manner by organizing his schedule and arranging collateral support as required.

Original: Decreased factory accidents and injuries by improving job ergonomics.

Revised: Decreased factory accident and injury incidents 50% by improving job ergonomics.

Original: Provide advanced product and classroom presentations to company Sales and Service representatives and high-volume enterprise customers at the request of the sales mgr.

Revised: Provided advanced product demonstrations to over 10,000 Sales and Service representatives and High-Volume Enterprise Customers in on-site and classroom settings in 7-year period.

Get the point? Ask yourself “Why did I do this? How did it help the business? “

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    I'm definitely going to look at my resume and put some of your pearls of wisdom to practice.Thanks!


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