Thursday, May 31, 2012

“Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts!”

This was a quote made famous by Detective Sergeant Joe Friday, LAPD, on the old TV serial called Dragnet although you may be too young to remember.

It applies to everyone when it comes to writing your resume. If you try to convey every detail of your work history as you write, you are likely to get passed over. Most people will discard it rather than read it and they will move on to your competition’s resume.

Save the details for your interview. Save them for your biography or your obituary. Focus on crisp, concise, factual statements of your accomplishments (not just what you did, but the results thereof) on your resume.

Hiring managers have problems to solve or they wouldn't be searching for you. Gain their interest by telling them what you have accomplished, or better yet, what the result was. Quantified results are always best because hiring managers are results-oriented and numbers oriented. Their jobs depend upon them achieving results. Show them you are results-oriented too and they will be very interested in you. Your competition is going to!

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