Saturday, January 7, 2012

What's the difference between a Resume and a LinkedIn Profile?

Both are advertisements, one for outgoing searches, the other for incoming searches. You send your resume out in response to opportunities you uncover. You want your profile to attract people who are searching for people such as yourself. They both need to carry the same fundamental message, but they need not be direct copies of each other. For instance the profile can include aspects of a person’s personality, whereas the resume should be more focused on factual information relating to one's accomplishments.

As advertisements, both are intended to sell the benefits of hiring you to those who may be interested.

The benefits of hiring you are the results of your work, not just what you did, but what it accomplished.

Hiring managers want to hire people who can achieve results for certain problems. That’s why stating results in both your advertisements is extremely important.

There are many ways to develop your profile. But what most people forget is to put themselves in the mindset of the hiring manager. This person has a totally different perspective on the hiring process than does the applicant. The applicant must sell, sell, sell because the hiring manager is going to disqualify, disqualify, disqualify until the best candidate is found. This applies to both resumes and profiles. 

The advantage of a resume is that it can be ‘tuned’ to respond to the exact requirements of a job description (and should be), whereas the profile can only be ‘tuned’ to general industry requirements.

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