Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How are Resumes Read?

I was a hiring manager for many years and a recruiter after my first career. Resumes were a lot different than they are today. If I were a hiring manager today, my resume reading process would take this path:

If a particular degree or certification was absolutely crucial to the job I’d search for that first, then the following:

I’d look for their brand: What do they do, what is their niche and what are their core competencies?

Then I would want to see if they are results-oriented. Can they possibly help me meet my goals? I’d quickly scan for results statements in their accomplishments. If one or more of their results might help me achieve my goals I would place them in a follow-up pile for more thorough reading. If I found nothing but statements about what they did and nothing about results, I’d pass on them. Their 30 seconds are up!

My message to candidates is this: Think about what the hiring manager needs and be responsive to that in your resume. If you don’t, you can be sure your competition will and will get the call to interview.

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