Saturday, January 28, 2012

At the end of the interview, do you close the deal? Do you ask for the job?

If you were selling a product or service, would you leave the table without closing the deal?

Would you leave the table without knowing if you’ve answered all the buyers’ objections?

You say you are not a salesman? WRONG!

If you’re searching for a job you are a salesperson selling your services! You may not have chosen the job, but you are a salesperson! You are selling the benefits of hiring you directly to the hiring manager! At the end of the interview it’s not wise to leave the hiring manager wondering if you’d take the job if it were offered to you. Leave no doubt! If you haven’t yet discussed compensation, that’s the next closing question to ask. But if you know the compensation is right, leave no doubt that you want the job!

When job searching, every time you speak to someone you are selling. And you need to close every conversation. Does closing mean you should ask for a job every time you speak to someone? Absolutely not! Closing does not necessarily mean finalizing the deal. But it does mean closing every conversation with a ‘what next’ or a ‘if I do this, will you do that’ or some other closing technique.

As a job seeker you would be well advised to learn about closing techniques. The book store section on Selling is full of them. Start learning before you lose an opportunity you could have had if you knew how to close.

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