Saturday, August 27, 2011

OK, you need a job. Ready, set, go!

If you’ve been out of work too long, or if you just became under-employed, or even if your employed and looking, have you pointed yourself in the right direction?

Are you languishing, not knowing how to proceed or what to do?

Is your search campaign "Off like a herd of Turtles"?

Have you been sending out resumes and received rejections or not received calls, interviews or no responses?

You can either join the crowd or spend time figuring out how to distance yourself from the masses of ‘me too’ people. And don’t kid yourself, you need good, professional help, even if it costs. What’s the cost of getting help vs. the cost of spinning your wheels for months?

Things that will submarine your efforts:

Having the wrong mindset. Attitude and approach to your search strategy and tactics.

Lacking proper preparation. Research, documents, practice.

Having a resume that doesn’t “Wow” the reader. How to differentiate yourself.

Having a “me too” cover letter.

Being unprepared for interviewing in a manner that delivers a compelling “punch”.  “How do I get to Carnegie hall? Practice man, practice.”

Failure to understand how hiring managers think and are motivated. It is imperative that you understand this.

Failure to understand outside recruiters and getting involved with the wrong ones. Good ones can help. Poor ones can hurt. Do you know how to tell the difference?

Failure to take advantage of resources you may not think about. What do you know about a company you’re interested in? Do you know how to find out?

Lack of understanding of how to network properly, how to utilize job boards properly, how to avoid getting sucked into scams, how to reach hiring managers before submitting your resume, how to tap the unpublished job market.

Do yourself a favor. Ask yourself where you stand on each on each of the above points  and make an honest assessment of yourself. If you can’t answer, ‘I’m ready’ to each, get some help!

Visit There’s some free information there, but look also about the Fee-based Services to find out how to be ready for all the points made above.