Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Networking for Job Seekers

What’s it all about Alfie?

It’s about building relationships based on respect, trust and the desire to share information.

It’s about gathering and disseminating relevant information.

It’s about getting advice on your job search approach.

It’s about getting some ideas about whom else to call (e.g., if you can get 2 or more new names, that’s great!)

It’s about identifying one or more opportunities that might be appropriate for you.

It’s about staying in touch, professionally and socially.

How should I do it? What are the protocols Alfie?

Have a specific objective when you make contact; don’t waste others’ time.

Scratch each other’s back – what can I do for you?


Maintain regular contact.

Make it social and fun as well as business.

Maintain control of the process.

If someone in your network knows someone else that might be helpful, ask your contact to find out if the second person would be willing to speak with you. If yes, then ask to contact that person directly.

What mistakes should I avoid making?

Don’t ever ask for a job! Ever!

Don’t allow a helpful contact to ‘represent’ you. (You are the best person to represent yourself.)

Don’t overwork a helpful contact.

Don’t forget to ask for permission to contact the person again.

Don't forget to thank your contacts.