Monday, April 9, 2018

What To Do When You Do Not Hear Back After a Job Interview

When people wonder what to do when they don't hear back, it's usually their fault. Candidates are salespeople by default. Salespeople set expectations at the end of  conversations, interviews in your case,to avoid wondering what to do if they don't hear back. Don't leave without establishing who will do what, and when. The "who" is you; let them know if you don't hear back within some agreed upon time, you will call them; identify who "them" is and get business cards, telephone and email addresses. It's crazy to wonder what to do when you don't hear back.

OK, so let's say you flubbed the opportunity to establish next steps. If you haven't heard back in a week or so, make a call to the hiring manager or one of the interviewers. You did get business cards didn't you? Heck, you messed that up too? That's ok. At least you wrote down names. 

Make a call now and ask for the name you have. When you reach the person, apologize and ask your questions. Don't shy away from making the call. And don't bother calling HR unless you're seeking an HR position. HR is the junk yard dog of  gatekeepers. You're likely to get lip service or no information. And you better call. Don't hide behind an email or text message. Everyone has a delete button and uses it, don't you?

If you have no idea who to call, shame on you, you're stuck and hopefully have learned your lesson for the next interview.

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