Sunday, May 15, 2016

There is no such thing as unemployment!

R U Kidding?! Not really, it depends upon what you do about it. Those who do not have a paid job have the most important, perhaps the most difficult, job they ever had, or ever will have!

Unemployment could be defined as "a state in which a person is actually self-employed, without pay, in a job with the sole objective of getting a paid job, or a different self-employment position that pays."

When unemployed there is one rule to live by: Rule #1 - Don’t wait to be found!

OK, but "How should one job search"? The answer is "That depends". There are many search tactics. However there is one thing they all have in common: The need to network! 
  • Word-of-mouth works for people who are well known in their field, sometimes without a resume.
  • Others are well connected with recruiters who have successfully helped them  in the past. 
  • A few, less than 2%, are successful applying blindly, without introduction, to job jobs posted on job boards or company websites. 
  • More are successful applying on LinkedIn. 
  • But the highest success rate is achieved by people who find ways to make direct voice contact with hiring managers.

They use a number of different search tactics to get there. They always involve their own network and are constantly expanding it by finding people who know the hiring manager or know someone else who does. 

They use LinkedIn a lot to connect with current or past employees of a company they are targeting. They find out if the company has an Employee Referral Program in which their new connection can get a bonus by referring them. In fact this is among the most successful tactics.

They find hiring manager's names on LinkedIn, Google, Annual Reports, company web pages, industry journals, Business Chronicles, and more. They learn successful sales techniques to make direct contact through calls to the hiring company.

They are successful because they don't wait to be found. They make it happen!

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