Thursday, May 19, 2016

How to deal with the salary question

We often feel weak as negotiators because we have the sense that the other side has more information than we do or is better at negotiation than we are. When you have done your homework this is rarely the case.

If the other side has a need they believe you can satisfy they will not want to lose you. They would not be talking about salary if they did not believe they might want to make you an offer. For certain they don’t know what your needs are. Use that to your advantage.

The salary question is often asked much too early for a candidate to negotiate a fair conclusion. Sometimes it is asked during screening calls. If that is the case try to fend off answering. Example: "I'm glad you asked. Salary is important to me but fitting your job needs is more important. Let's talk about the specific needs and how I can help you before we discuss salary."

But no matter when it is asked, if you have not done any research into what similar jobs pay, you will be behind the proverbial eight-ball.

Often, when people negotiate during the hiring process, rather than at the end, they are happier than those who passively accept whatever is offered at the end.

A frequent mistake is failing to negotiate terms until after the job is offered. Many people are intimidated to the point of being afraid to ask for the best terms possible. Other people aren’t aware they can negotiate. Be aware, not intimidated.

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