Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Could you lose your job tomorrow?

It’s logical to ask “Since I am currently employed why should I bring my resume up to today's standards?" The answer is "for the same reasons you buy insurance". It's for recovery from the potential things that upset your life.

Most people wait until they lose their jobs before updating their resume. Often they find themselves in a panic mode, worried about finances, about their family or loved ones well-being, and they may already be financially stressed. They fail to realize that changes have occurred since they last wrote their resume. It's no longer written in contemporary form.

Competition is more difficult today as well. Although the economy is getting better it’s hard to deny that it is still not strong. There are a lot fewer jobs today than there were when the economy was very healthy. Employers continue to be reluctant to create many new openings and making new financial commitments. 

There are still more people searching for fewer available jobs! Companies are overwhelmed with applicants. They use ATS extensively to handle the load. ATS parsing software often rejects candidates because of resume attributes having nothing to do with a person's qualifications. It's not a trivial task to prevent that from happening. Beyond key words there are over 40 different word processing software features that can cause ATS issues! And there are additional parsing error causes beyond the 40 features.

Because job searching today is more complex than in the past it is logical to get "insurance". Get your resume ready for hiring practices used today. Either get help while you are employed and can afford it, or figure out how to do it yourself. Whichever you choose, get it done! 

If you find yourself unemployed without a contemporary resume you are very likely headed for an extended search until you get it right. 

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