Monday, May 23, 2016

6 things to do to win a job

Job searching is all about marketing yourself. The key is to show how you are the best person for the job, how you are different from your competition.

There are some things your competition will probably not do. If you do them you will differentiate yourself.

Resume - Create a personal brand that says this is what I do and what things I am great at. Include a marketing "hook" that entices people to read further. The reader will give you about 5 seconds to accomplish this.

Cover Letter - Write one, even if it never gets read. Direct it to the hiring manager by name and title, not "To whom it may concern." Say why it is important for you to meet instead of asking (= begging) for an interview. Establish rapport by aligning yourself with the company and manager.

Networking - It's not about me, me, me. Ask questions about the other person to draw them out. This will get them to like you and want to help you

Interviewing - Answer questions crisply and concisely. Don't monopolize the conversation. Always be positive. Make sure to establish what the next steps are at the end of the interview so you are not left wondering what to do if you don't hear back within a particular time frame. At the final interview, ask for the job!

Search Tactics - Call the hiring manager before you send your resume. Make voice contact a priority. Find out what the hiring manager's hot buttons are and tell how you can help fix them. Don't just camp out on job boards like the rest of the 'herd'.

LinkedIn Profile - Take full advantage of this free inbound marketing tool. Enable people to find you by completing all categories of the profile. There is no search key word for lack of detail. Include a smiling or laughing head shot picture. That helps make people feel you are fun to be with, to like you. No picture usually results in no interest.

Marketing is about differentiation. Do what most others will not do.

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