Tuesday, May 17, 2016

11 tips for creating a good LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is free inbound marketing. Companies use it to find you but if it is incomplete they will probably ignore you. So do these things:

Your picture: Use a close-up head shot of your smiling or laughing face to immediately set the readers mood to liking you. Without a real picture (don't use the ghost) you may be ignored. 

Your Tag Line: This section is directly under your name. You have 120 characters including spaces to describe what you do and what your expertise is.

Summary: You have 2000 characters and spaces to expand on your personal brand and to summarize your most significant accomplishments, the results of your work, your passions, etc. And unlike your resume, you can be more personal here. You can use the word “I”. I would always add your contact information to the summary. If you make it difficult for people to contact you, they will probably not try.

Experience: This is a very important section. Describe your accomplishments and the results of your work here. Bullet statements and quantified results are most desirable. 

Skills and Endorsements: List your core competencies here. Use industry key words and others that are important to you. People looking for candidates with your skills conduct searches on key words.

Education: Fill this out. It is acceptable to list a school you attended even if you do not have a degree.

Additional Information: This section enables you to talk about your personal interests and other details. Make sure your contact information is listed here as well as in the Summary.

Recommendations: In this section you can request recommendations from people.

Certifications: Sometimes certifications are critically important job requirements.

Groups: It is highly advisable to join groups you are interested in. It is very beneficial to join in on discussions to help get you noticed.

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