Sunday, February 14, 2016

7 key reasons not to use job boards

It Isn’t Effective – Less than 2% of jobs are found on job boards. There are better ways of searching.

It Doesn’t Differentiate you from the Stampeding Herd – If you pound job boards you become one of the ‘herd’.

Posting your resume online Doesn’t allow you Edit it for Specific Job Requirements – Editing for the needs of each opportunity differentiates you.

It Doesn’t help you Identify Hidden Jobs – You will never learn about them if you don’t talk to the right people.

It Doesn’t Build your Network – Hiring managers are a valuable add to your network.

It Consumes Time You Should Be Spending on Other Tactics – Like developing  interviewing and salary negotiation skills, networking, and prospecting for hiring managers.

It usually doesn’t work! – Again, there are better ways of searching.

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