Sunday, November 18, 2012

Talk to the hiring manager before you apply for the job!

I regularly advise my clients to determine the name of the hiring manager and call that person BEFORE making any applications! This tactic has the highest probability of landing the job.

There are several reasons for trying to work through the hiring manager:

1- The hiring manager can give you insight into what is most important to him or her. Sometimes the most important need is not focused on in the job description. That enables you to tune your resume to be responsive to the critical need before you submit it. This gives you the competitive advantage over everyone else.

2- It offers you the opportunity to get your resume into the hiring manager's hand without going through the company hiring process and protocols, giving you the opportunity to have the most important person in the process to be your ombudsman.

3- It demonstrates that you are motivated, you take matters into your own hands demonstrating that you are independent, action-oriented and creative and that you exercise control over your destiny.

4- Sometimes it opens up other opportunities you did not know about. Sure, you may have found these out later in your search, or never found out about them at all.

5- Sometimes the hiring manager may not have a position that fits you but but after speaking to you, likes what you say and decides to make adjustments in the organization and create a new position just for you. It happens!

And the big bonus is this: You differentiate yourself from all your competition! That's  what job searching is all about, isn't it?

The tactic often requires considerable training. It involves various ways of determining the name. The hardest part is learning how to prepare to make the calls. The tactic is not always easy and not always successful, but people who learn how to do it find it to be extremely effective. It should be a high priority tactic of any job search.

Applying online using the ‘shoot-aim-ready’ approach is the least effective search tactic, but is the most common tactic used by job-seekers. Learn how to find and reach the hiring manager and get ahead of your competition.  

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  1. Great advice. It's always better to talk to someone who can make the decision. For example: I spoke with a manager of a retail store, won her confidence, and convinced her to hire me. But the manager shot that idea down. Better if I had spoken to the manager to begin with! A person who can't make the decision does a potential employee no good.

    1. Excellent point. Hiring decisions often require the approval of a manager's manager.

  2. this is great advice.


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